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Alternative Health Forums

Connect with people, exchange stories, and find alternative cures for all that ails you. Whether you have questions about an alternative health treatment or you're a provider of alternative health services, you can exchange insights and opinions on natural ways to take care of your health. Here are the Community Posting Guidelines.

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Diet and Weight Control
Have you tried traditional diets and weight loss programs? Looking for something different? Something that works? Talk with others about nutrition, diet tips and alternative weight loss solutions to help you get the weight off and keep it off.
15 1 03-05-09
Digestive Health
From heartburn to lactose intolerance to Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Crohn's disease, digestive disorders can be hard to live with. In this forum, discuss everyday strategies with others who share your condition and find relief today.
9 14 02-03-09
Emotional Health
If you've ever wondered how to deal with daily stress, or if your family faces serious health concerns such as depression or addiction, this is the place to talk about it within a supportive community.
3 13 11-17-08
Heart Health
Do you know someone who needs to lower their cholesterol, get more exercise or eat healthier meals? Whether you've survived a heart attack, are trying to prevent one, or find yourself caring for someone with heart disease, this is the forum to find help and answers.
4 7 12-02-08
Men's Health
Do you know someone who has erectile dysfunction, is experiencing hair loss, or concerned about prostate health? Alternative treatments exist for these health concerns and this is the area to candidly discuss matters that affect men.
6 1 03-02-09
Pain Management
If you've ever suffered from the chronic pain of a long-term condition, experienced headache pain, or felt the wear and tear of life in your joints, you'll find a community of like mind right here. Talk to others about your painful conditions and start living life fully again.
5 5 09-23-08
Respiratory Health
From asthma to allergies to lung disease to quitting smoking, respiratory health affects us deeply. This is the place to talk about alternative respiratory cures to help us all breathe a little easier.
3 1 10-01-08
If you've ever experienced insomnia or you're wondering about alternative treatments to sleep aids, this is the forum to get advice and support and so you can get back in control of your beauty sleep.
2 2 11-11-08
Vitamins & Supplements
We all have questions about how many vitamins to take, which supplements are best for our needs, and whether or not you can combine certain dosages. In this forum, discuss alternative health products, dosages and new effective treatments.
4 4 01-30-09
Women's Health
Women's bodies are complicated organisms with unique needs at differing times in our lives. Come in to this forum for supportive, honest talk about the issues that only other women can identify with and understand.
7 1 11-11-08

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