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Alternative Health Community

People who are health conscious are passionate about alternative health. AHJ has an active community of experts and contributors whose personal and professional quest is to help us all achieve optimal health.

Most Popular Contributors

    Kendra Phillips

    I love exercising, eating healthy, reading, writing, blogging, playing sports, and of course hanging out with friends.

    Learn more about Kendra Phillips

    Karen Randolph

    I worked as an environmental journalist on the program IMPACT, I earned an EdD in Educational Psychology, I taught English Composition/Literature, I am now a certified massage therapis.

    Learn more about Karen Randolph

    Toni Galardi, Ph.D.

    There are all these labels that describe me: public speaker, psychotherapist, career coach, futurist, and writer. What connects them all is my mission in life. What I care most deeply about is helping you master change so that you can make authentic choices on a day to day to day basis. Through my work, you will achieve this by utilizing tools I've devised that eliminate the need to use crisis as a catalyst for moving forward.

    I was the poster child for 'the change-impaired'. Even after three near-fatal experiences, I still find making big changes a challenge. Fortunately, I created a seven-stage change model that helps access the wisdom and courage to change now without the trauma and drama. For those of you who suffer like I did from a 'rut producing fear of the unknown', I provide a light at the end of your tunnel through my coaching, public speaking, workshops, and CD's.

    Learn more about Toni Galardi, Ph.D.

Most Popular Experts

AHJ Staff

    Sylvia Anderson

    Sylvia is the lead writer for AHJ, and is excited to share alternative health information and news with AHJ readers. She credits not getting the flu for the past many years to her healthy, active lifestyle and balanced diet.

    Learn more about Sylvia Anderson

    Bob Condor

    Bob Condor blogs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and weekend for Alternative Health Journal. 
    Learn more about Bob Condor

    Erin Jansen

    Erin is the Editor of AHJ. Her healthy passions are yoga, chiropractic, and drinking red wine. In her spare time she likes to ride her bike on the beach. She fasts twice a year and takes supplements daily.

    Learn more about Erin Jansen

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