Health Scare of the Week: Getting Sick in Sick Houses

The seizure of methamphetamine labs in the U.S. is on the rise, according to The Week. That’s good news for law enforcement, but as thousands of these labs become ordinary homes again, the unknowing people who move in are exposed to a potentially sickening toxic stew of drug-making chemicals left behind. One family was plagued by migraines, kidney trouble, and severe breathing problems after they unwittingly moved into a home infused with meth chemistry. The cost of cleanup–thousands of dollars–is an added blow to the innocent homeowner. There are tens of thousands of contaminated homes in the U.S., many of them falling into foreclosure, where their histories grow opaque. “The meth-lab home problem is only going to grow,” activist Dawn Turner tells The New York Times. She runs an informational website, “As foreclosures rise, so with the number of new meth-lab homeowners.” This is a clear indication folks to be sure and do your due dilligence when buying a foreclosed home! The money you save in real estate may end up costing you more in health care costs.